Sunday, November 29, 2015

What was and what is JustAddCoffee

A question I've come to ask my self a lot of times as the brand progressed. Initially, in April 2014, we created JustAddCoffee with the vision of making a gaming blog, not to get filthy rich, but as a way to express our views and share the joy we got from the games we played, and the occasional frustration.

Along the way, seeing that not many people would choose to read in their free time (not from the gaming community we were addressing at least), we decided to give YouTubeing a shot. Although we put considerable amount of time in it, it was never enough. YouTube, especially when it comes to gaming channels, has a pretty strongly established base. The main challenges was the time it required to produce a decent gaming video and the equipment it required to produce a hardware review. So having limited available time and a vary small budget we eventually let go of YouTubing.

So this WAS JustAddCoffee, the above followed a period of inactivity, at least in our public pages. During this period, we were redefining what JustAddCoffee was and so we get to what JustAddCoffee is now.

 The fact that we were both programmers and long time gamers gave us a head-start in game development. So yes, that's what we're into right now, Indie game development. We've tried many development platforms, from dead simple to exhaustively  complicated, and experimented with many genres. Finally we've settled to our choice and are now developing our first game hopping to give something new to the gaming community.

So that's who we were, that's who we are and if you want more ... JustAddCoffee!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Elephone P3000s First Impressions

So this isn't going to run as a review but more as first impressions post (as the title suggests). So I've had the Elephone P3000s for about a week know and thought about sharing the feel that I get from using it.
Right off the bat I'll say that initially I chose the brand and the model for the ration of specs/price. At the moment I purchased it, it was around 150 euros and it came with a tempered blueglass and the official case (an it does matter).
Things I loved about it and things that let me down. Well as I said before the first thing is the specs/price ration there's just no way you can't love it. Second comes the design of the phone, elegant simple and a bit blocky (not totally roundish). The colors are also pretty amazing. Then, watering down a bit, we move to the battery life. The battery life is good, just that nothing special. But being a guy that charges all his electronics every night, well it doesn't really affect me. To close with, and the only outright let down, is the fingerprint scanner. It's just not usable. It works, but it's so damn hard to get it to recognise your fingerprint, as it's angle sensitive, that nearly every time I exceeded the maximum tries and had to use the alternative password, eventually rendering useless the whole system. If you're absolutely looking for a fingerprint unlockable phone I'd recommend getting a later model with a touch ID system (where the fp-scaner is located in the homescreen button and is a bit more agile).

All in all, it's a great device with a great specs/price ration and will cover almost any user's need. I've been using it for video streaming, for games, and for e-mail and document viewing and can't complain about anything. Also used it as a hotspot for a while, but not enough yet to have a complete view.

That's all for now!

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