Sunday, November 29, 2015

What was and what is JustAddCoffee

A question I've come to ask my self a lot of times as the brand progressed. Initially, in April 2014, we created JustAddCoffee with the vision of making a gaming blog, not to get filthy rich, but as a way to express our views and share the joy we got from the games we played, and the occasional frustration.

Along the way, seeing that not many people would choose to read in their free time (not from the gaming community we were addressing at least), we decided to give YouTubeing a shot. Although we put considerable amount of time in it, it was never enough. YouTube, especially when it comes to gaming channels, has a pretty strongly established base. The main challenges was the time it required to produce a decent gaming video and the equipment it required to produce a hardware review. So having limited available time and a vary small budget we eventually let go of YouTubing.

So this WAS JustAddCoffee, the above followed a period of inactivity, at least in our public pages. During this period, we were redefining what JustAddCoffee was and so we get to what JustAddCoffee is now.

 The fact that we were both programmers and long time gamers gave us a head-start in game development. So yes, that's what we're into right now, Indie game development. We've tried many development platforms, from dead simple to exhaustively  complicated, and experimented with many genres. Finally we've settled to our choice and are now developing our first game hopping to give something new to the gaming community.

So that's who we were, that's who we are and if you want more ... JustAddCoffee!